No this blog is not slamming ‘The New Yorker’ nor any New Yorker.  I am a New Yorker.  Just not the New Yorker you’re expecting.  Some would call me a free spirit.  That’s sort of true.  I’m using anti in a simpler sense meaning simply not.  

I am simply not a New York City resident.  At this point in time, I reside north of Manhattan—

The Anti New Yorker I am, I never miss a chance to be in New York City.  One that enters in through Grand Central and is there to: catch up, shop around, celebrate, or work.

What you’re going to get here is quite bluntly a lot.  I love to shop but it’s way deeper than that.  I hunt for the sales, finds and trending full price items at a promo.  You’ll get extensive-type bang for bucks.  And my style?  My style is a blend of Street, Contemporary, and SoCal.  Maybe you can relate.