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Sweater season lasts longer than others so much it’s a blur. We pick and choose from thick to thin, fisherman to ribbed, long sleeve to three quarter, cropped to long. A sweater can be the piece you’re seeking to feel at your most comfortable. A sweater can be the warmth you’re needing in these harsh temps and bursts of air indoors. But the sweater, should go with anything and everything in your standing wardrobe. It should be the piece you pull over your neck so carefully yet swiftly and dash out the door. It should be thin enough to go atop another sweater should you please. This sweater should be the basic of basics. And this / these sweater/ (s) I speak of, live/ (s) at Mango.

Ribbed knit sweater, $39.99 $25.99 Mango,

Also pictured: LEANDRA X MANGO Metal Chain Necklace, $29.99 | Adjustable Elastic Braces, $29.99

Photography by Kyle Powell Photo,

You see that this ribbed v-neck can layer over a ribbed turtleneck with ease, style and comfort. With elasticity, washability and versatility, think on a fitted button-down shirt for a classy, preppy office—silk or satin for a hot date. The Sand color is in the tonal family which alone pairs seamlessly with anything and everything—along with Medium Heather Grey, Ecru, and Sky Blue. And it’s so soft to the touch, ditching the sometimes necessary in-between skin camisole.

So my reason for this post is to share the importance of the right basics in your wardrobe. The right basics serve as a building block for your wardrobe but should/ can easily steal the show on their own, in a minimalist minute.

Wrapped Up: The Perfect Sweaters Are:

  • Tonal
  • Ribbed
  • Washer-friendly
  • Comfortable/ non-itchy
  • Flattering to the body
  • Versatile
  • Up to 50% off at Mango (limited time only)

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