The Look: Granny Separates

Reimagining and presenting “Granny” as actually hip I mean, stylish and versatile—I personally love and gravitate towards elasticized waists. Though a Misses, petite, old-lady type clothing brand to us Millennials; Alfred Dunner trousers have so much give-and-live comfort. One issue? They’re impossible to find in my actual clothing size. Took a chance in two sizes up as they were the only ones and I make them work anyway. How you say and mean?—going by proportion rules and accessorizing.

Dressing and Manipulating

Since my bottom half has plenty in these trousers, I need to up the interest factor and proportion on top to balance it out. My soft-feel balloon-sleeved oversized Moon River sweater serves such a purpose in a vivid orange hue with a banded hem—too bright to even call Rust in my opinion. With such a voluminous size lacking structure, I created a contoured figure, flattering and emphasizing my bust underneath my sweater with a second-skin black mock neck or what Zara calls “tee”. This also adds another element of interest in such a dramatic contrast.


In this case, a belt is surprisingly actually not needed because the elastic waist holds its place. Also with this specific waist “hiked-up” too much, the crotch will definitely look odd without question. Since the pants are designed to rest from the hips, it’s not a total tragedy if they slouch a bit.

Keep Emphasizing

Further balancing out the sweater, I opted for the chunky, textured yet complementary soft-feel sock-with-sandals trick—which also gets the wrap of a granny style. With my Frye socks I got to get one more use out of my peep-toes this season. In a Lavender, Lilac trending Pantone, it’s a slight contrast and cleanser to the statement and noise going on up top. Not to mention the socks are also a neutral in a darker than slate blend. And up close, there are detectable specks of moss green.

In terms of a bag, a quilted number couldn’t be more suited for this “Granny” look. With the appeal of a trickled-down, familiar design inspired by the French luxury Fashion house, Maison Margiela, my ZARA QUILTED CLUTCH completes this style (and me) seamlessly.

Keep looking and scrolling to the bottom to get the full effect of my coordination and theoretical reasoning.

Same Proportion Rules apply to a pleated maxi skirt if that’s more your style. Just think symmetry.

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