Here’s That Third Piece You May Be Missing

The three-piece rule.  You may have heard it and then again.  It could be a jacket, shawl, vest, etc. which adorns your shoulders, sometimes across your chest—to your hips—sometimes to the floor?  Yes the outer piece that breaks up your top and bottom creating a coke bottle figure (hour glass).  Though jackets are a no-brainer, they can feel a bit taxing in the warm hazy summer.  Think a bit lighter.  As a stylist, I will share with you first hand that when you feel uncomfortable, that is exactly how you appear.  Non verbal communication speaks louder than your charismatic voice.

Enter kimonos.  I have had the luxury to have made wonderful friends with Roffe Accessories.  If you’ve been following me on IG, I am fully embracing, sometimes playing dress up with this alternative to outerwear.  Call it the Summer jacket.  The answer to your office AC woes.

You can find the Roffe name sold in Anthropologie, Amazon, and of course their website.  In addition to their online presence, they host Sample Sale events to contribute to our community.  Do yourself a favor: tap the star (bookmark), drop your email (subscribe), and make friends with (follow) The Stylish City that drops every sample sale in NYC that you probably never knew was happening.  Located in the heart of Union Square, their showroom is easy to find and attainable for all.  Even coming in from Westchester County.

The Stylish City

But that’s not all.  Though their wearables and scarves are indeed the bread-and-butter of their signature, they also make hats.  Many many hats that have in fact turned me into a crazy hat lady.


Fresh from their recent sample sale, you can tell that I simply can’t wait to put them to use.  Starting with an impromptu shoot.  Make friends with me on Instagram to see what’s up my sleeve next.

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