Shopping and Dressing 101

So actually this idea came about and resurfaced as I was blogging.  But this is the mother and the prerequisite to my many shopping reviews.  So soak this up, bookmark it, and read carefully.  I’m sharing with you exactly what factors and questions to consider when it comes to your clothes.  What I look for and pass on as a stylist, blogger, and influencer.  This also helps when it’s closet clean-out time.  Okay, it’s an evaluation and a fresh eye.

First Impression  

Visual Appeal.  Does it make your eye dance, heart flutter, or bring you any joy?  It won’t grow on you trust me.  I’ve learned that before, and again, and again.  Only buy what you truly love.  Even your basics.  Is it transparent (see-through) in a negative or unintentional way?  Think of how you want to be seen in this.

The Hand.  How does it feel on your fingertips?  Is it soft or coarse.  How does it make you feel at first touch?  Is it thin or thick?  Tweed is a favorite of designers and appears to be nubby but is actually quite nice to the touch.  Did the material snag at first grab?  If so, you must pass.  In your hands, does it remind you of anything?  Connect you to a positive memory?  Give it a try.

The Silhouette.  Hold it up away from the rack or table and let it fall.  Hold it against your body mimicking the length: to the feet, shoulders and where the waistline would be.  You know your body by now and what you should stay away from hem and shape-wise.  And if you don’t, Kat Collings, Editor-in-chief of Who What Wear breaks it down perfectly.

The Foolproof Way to Find Out Your Real Body Type: Who Wear What

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who is the slimmest of them all?  This reflective surface holds the answers and validation you’re seeking.  Pretend like the fitting room is your bedroom.  Take your time to let your eyes work.  Does it flatter and compliment your skin, body and face?  Yes all three.  Pay attention to what parts of your body are emphasized in this garment.  Do you appear slender or do you look heavier.  Prints and patterns can be tricky and it’s important to pay attention to their scale, proportion, and size.  Is this one stunting your figure off or elongating it.  Where does your eye travel?  Did the rosy glow from your cheeks disappear?  Is the light bouncing off of you?

Snap a Picture: the camera never lies.  Do this once and snap a photo of every item (even the for sure no’s) you try on.  It’ll be easier to determine whether it complements you or the opposite.  You’ll also see what colors are right for you and the ones that wash you out.  What photographs well and otherwise.  Send it to a friend or your stylist to get a second opinion if you’re on the fence.

The Construction: aligns with the fit and visual appeal.  Is it comfortable and functional?  You have to actually live in your clothing so move in it.  Move around, side-to- side, take a few steps.  Catwalk back towards the mirror and view from all angles.  Does it cling or fall freely and effortlessly.   And if not, can the material be manipulated with an accessory?

Washing Care

The material content on the tag, read it.  Search for the care instructions and do your best to interpret those cryptic symbols.  You need to determine its lifespan.  We must keep our things looking fresh.  Is it worth adding to your dry cleaning bill or can it be hand-washed too.


This question may arise more than once in your evaluation and contemplation.  How often can and will I wear this?  Does this go with anything I own already or is this going to require more spending to complete it.  It’s pretty but where will I wear this to?  Is this an impulse or advantageous purchase?  Try to pay attention to the angel on your shoulder and conscience.  The devil or monkey on your back will lead you to a surplus of untouched samples in your closet.

The Price Tag

Is the price really right?  Sum up the parts and think on the wearability, composition, and versatility again to determine the garment’s overall value.  How important is this to you and your lifestyle.  Money is money and it doesn’t grow on trees sadly.  Are you willing to come out the pocket in exchange for this item or several?

Is It Final Sale?

It goes without saying but permanency makes all the difference.  Love what you wear asβ€”

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”- Marc Jacobs.

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