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Dear Friends, Fam, and Curious Souls,

It’s no surprise I love to shop and know a thing or two about style.  I’m being a bit modest.  Fashion and its purpose has been ingrained in me since I was the age of six.  My very first “look” was innately timeless as I sashayed around in my mother’s champagne slip dress adorned with pearls whilst slipping and gliding in her sling backs.  How do I know this?  I have photo proof and my mother supporting my claim taste.  I felt what I couldn’t recognize as self-expression as I may have slipped on dinner gloves to complete.  Not to bore you with my Cinderella story, after all it’s more Little Mermaid than anything.  I recognized early on that this was my destiny, passion, and purpose.  I wanted to dress people for a living.

Which brings me to the here and now.  Past the Spice Girls influence, countless fashion magazines, a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and trial gigs in retail and corporate—I was meant to be a stylist.  Lucky for me and you, should this resonate with you, this dream is and can be a reality.

As A Creator

Fashion Stylist, Contributing Editor, Creator: you have the liberty of creating moments.  Not just a shopping list or carousel; you create looks to tell a story.  A moment that has happened, is happening or might happen to/for you.  Think of it as a mood board with salable product.  You can choose a holiday, milestone, or everyday lifestyle that caters to your client in mind.  Because you see, a stylist/ client relationship is an intimate one.  So personal that client is just a fancy word for friend.  What you’re doing is creating an online portfolio.  You’re helping to give emerging designers and brands the exposure they deserve (in this over-saturated market) because every product that can be added can be linked.  Your dream clients are out there, seeking your expertise and talent as we speak.  These collections are your gallery; A spread of ideas that can be nurtured and used for the greater good.  Inspiration turns into action or well, magic.  Okay, so you’re a genie in disguise.

As A Viewer

You have the opportunity to explore a sea of selected professionals.  You may be a photographer who needs an expert for shoots.  You may be a bride in search of show-stopping outfits for your upcoming celebrations.  You may be a mother of two and feel like your style is monotonous or just in a rut.  Or you’re just you, and don’t have all the time in the world to shop, pin, or browse.  I can assure you, each collection is specific, unique, and different from those sponsored facebook posts or sale newsletters.  You will without question, find items under names you’ve never seen before.  And before you even browse, you read a quick line to illustrate this moment.  You’ll see combinations and pairings you wouldn’t expect to go together.  You may find your best friend and look forward to his/ her contributions each week.  You’ve come to this platform for a reason, whether it’s a specific need or curiosity—you’re seeking expertise, energy, and a little education in the midst.  And that is exactly what you will get.

So Can I Shop Here?

Yes!  Since every product is linked to their websites of origin, all you do is hover over the product picture where the white tag is.  The retailer and price will pop into vision with the option of an arrow.  By tapping that arrow, you’re zipped over to the retailer’s site.  Please note: sometimes we include photos for inspiration.  We can and often recreate this look for you with items to shop.

So yes, the cat’s for sure out of the bag and I am a Freelance Stylist and a Showroom Creator.  Linked to my Instagram, you can connect further with me and ask me anything.  I’m here to cast aside your style woes and transform them to wows.  I’m here to make your everyday just a little more colorful, interesting, and fun.  Because fashion should always be fun: and your style—should always be you.

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