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Even if for some reason you don’t watch or care to watch HBO’s Game of Thrones, you can’t deny the realism of its costume and set design.  Outsider or fan, aren’t you convinced this saga really took place from another time?  A medieval time perhaps?  Nigh.  You’re unsure of the era exactly but you become emotionally invested in this world and its people.  One way or another you’ve seen the characters in photos, gifs, or clips decked in silks, furs, and leather.  Jewelry and adornments with significant meaning.  And the decorations in their keeps, castles, and cottages are no exception.  Cersei Lannister almost never without a glass of wine in her hand, makes a goblet her accessory.  At least in the first seven seasons.  Case in point, every small detail is taken into careful and utmost consideration to create this fantasy realm of reality.  Because in fact, Westeros is a compilation of recognizable lands, countries, and destinations on your list.

Though costume-like apparel doesn’t fit in our everyday, GOT-inspired dinnerware sure has a place in our home.  Still recovering from last night’s episode, I felt inspired to find some uncanny goblets, cutlery, plates, (what have you) to bring a little mid-century to your tables and couches.  And with throne-like chairs surrounding your dining room table, supper will never be the same.

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