Turned 30? You’ve Officially Outgrown These

Yes, there’s a cutoff when it comes to denim cutoffs.  Don’t kill the messenger but also I don’t want to school you.  I’d much rather inspire you.  In dressing for your age, you should not be wearing short shorts no matter how lean or fit you are.  See we may not always recognize our aging signs right away but trust me, they’re there.  And truth be told, as our clothing turns older, it too, loses its elasticity.  The leg openings cave and frays curl under.  With every wash, the hems shrink a tad, or perhaps your thighs do.  Your frame hasn’t changed but your shorts aren’t hanging right like they did before.  Don’t think of it as giving up denim shorts, because you’re not.  They’re just getting an adult upgrade or makeover.

Change With The Times

So instead of short-shorts, give Bermuda shorts a try.  Unlike your childhood foe, The Capri, Bermuda shorts are flattering for all body types.  Why?  It’s all about proportion and covering up just the right bits.  The traditional Capri cut chopped your legs rather than elongated them resulting in disproportion as opposed to a balanced figure.

A Little Backstory

Unlike the Capri, the Bermuda short falls from the waist to 1 inch above the knee.  Its origin points to the necessity of having to wear knee high socks for uniform reasons and protocol.   Today, its casual appropriation is even more laissez-faire, making the ‘walk-short’ a real breeze.

Modern Day Today

Made into jeans, trousers and leggings, this short is a summer essential especially if you live and work in the city.  Personally, I think the coolest thing you can wear to the “O” is a blazer, tee, and short combo.  With either mules or athletic sandals, this is a very fashion-forward cool-girl young executive look.  Or lose the jacket, and swap for a light-knit sweater, say, openwork?  Off the clock, you can wear cyclist shorts and button down linen blouses or cropped tops.  Whatever you comfort level is.  But do keep in mind about the material because that will make all the difference in its fit.

Look for: Polyamide, Elastane, Polyester compositions

Other Brands/ Retailers I Love: Nastygal, Pixie Market, ASOS

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