Beige on Beige, My Way

I’m sure you’ve already seen the monochrome neutral Beige trend everywhere.  Head to toe, an outfit of just one color looks so luxe.  Does it have to match exactly?  Nope.  By marrying like-colors and prints with camel or beige, leather with cotton, and letting your strings fall where they may, it’s a bit more fun.  My kind of fun.

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Top, Bag, Reebok Sneakers, Urban Outfitters| Pants, NastyGal| Hat, Lack of Color

Let this look be your guide to adapt the beige on beige trend in your own way—the casual way.  Each of my pieces, I deem a staple on their own.  Why?  A semi-sheer blouse can be worn under or atop any high-waisted pant or skirt.  Not to repeat myself but beige is a neutral which means endless opportunities.  The trainers—even though not a solid white, they go with literally everything.  The turquoise accent adds balance, drawing your eye to your stems.  With extra points for breathability and comfort, this entire outfit is no-sweat.

Photography by Kate Callahan Photography


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