This Beauty Tool Is So In Style

You know what’s really cool?  Not obsessing in the mirror.  Not taking hours to get ready.  Not complaining about how your skin is acting up.  What’s really in, is being on time for appointments, dates, and showing up with a smile.

Flawless, red-carpet, Cosmopolitan-executed makeup is everything we’ve always wanted right?  No five o’ clock shadows, caked-on color, or over-powdering your freckles.  It’s easier to get it wrong than right but we learn.  We learn with practice and time.  But if we wisen up, we listen to editors and artists on the beauty products they simply cannot live without.

Enter Michael Todd Beauty’s Sonicblend

Michael Todd Beauty believes in the natural way.  All of their products are made of organic ingredients and their tools are no exception.  The Sonicblend antimicrobial makeup brush promises LIFE Protection.  Meaning, it reduces (by 99%) the bacteria that grows on your brush heads between use.  It also promises (PETA) protection of furry ones, ensuring anti-testing on animals.

How’s It Work?

It’s a speedy detachable round top brush head compatible with liquid, powder and cream makeup.  It runs on power with the help of a rechargeable USB cord.  Simply dot modest amounts of makeup on desired area, press the power button, and brush as it comes natural.  As you watch the magic happen, you can stop to adjust the settings to a different pulse.  Your contouring never looked more picture-perfect.

For travel reasons, each one comes in a secure carrying case with snap closure.  Headed into April showers, you’ll want to take it with you on the go.  Classic black is only sold at Ulta but the brush comes in an array of colors, patterns, even prints.  You’ll for sure fall in love with at least one.


The Results:

  • A Clean Look: Evenly applied coverage, highlighting natural features, giving you the confidence to selfie in the harshest of lighting.
  • Rational Confidence Boost:  Even on days when you are fine without wearing makeup, you’ll apply it anyway.  You know your day will be that much better because you’ll feel your best.
  • PB Jelly Time:  I timed myself this morning.  My face makeup alone took one minute; un, uno.  Leaving me some extra few minutes to play around with my new lip crayons.

Everyone’s Saying:

  • Best makeup brush I’ve EVER bought!
  • Well worth the investment!
  • Never going back!!

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