Sweet Like Honey

If you haven’t heard whispering “Honey” in reference to online shopping, you’ve been missing out.  I’m here to change all that and share with you just what it is and how beneficial it can be.

A Good Cookie

Honey is an extension that sits in your browser with a golden ‘H’.  It automatically scans and finds applicable coupons to save you from paying full price needlessly.  The installation is quick and simple. (Like this post) Just click to download, open and add to chrome.

Gimme The Loot

With every purchase you make, you earn money towards Honey Gold.  Luck of the draw: cents to dollars, every penny saved is yours for the taking.  You can choose to redeem and apply it towards your next purchase or total. (4,000+ participating sites, including hotels)  Seriously just about any website you visit frequently.  The more Gold, the richer you are to snatch droplist items without a second thought.

Honey also tracks when your favorited items go on sale.  Sync your Amazon ‘Saved For Later’ items to your droplist.  Basically Honey cyber stalks your items for when the price drops lower than you bank on.  These other sites are droplist participants:

Saving is such sweet… victory



  1. Julie Nord

    Hooked ourselves up to Honey a couple months ago and we’re reaping the rewards without even trying. Good tip!

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