Dancing In The Street: Leopard Edition

Would you believe it was in the 50s just last week?  It was.  It was indeed the perfect opportunity to go for a walk in the streets, along the sidewalk, take a stride between the lines.  I’ve been staring at my Never Fully Dressed leopard skirt, folded in my drawer for far too long—adding sweaters, knits, and tights to it.  I was elated to put it on again and to try a new style.  Balancing the skin to clothing ratio, I paired it with a vintage burgundy sweater tucked in.


Skirt, neverfullydressed.co.uk | Sweatshirt, unemployeddenim.com |

Photography: Kate Callahan

Yes trainers pair beautifully with satin.  Well, Polyester.  The trick is for the skirt to be short enough to let your ankles peep out, or a leg pop.  Think midis if you’re petite.  And lest not forget, wraparound skirts are very easy to work with.

Bag|Reebok Trainers, urbanoutfitters.com

The bag?  It’s nylon with a mesh surprise in the front (or back) however you choose to sport it.  It’s retro and oh so practical.  I love it so much that I just might get another—in White or Neutral.  Spring is coming.

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