I’m Way Too Invested In Online Shopping To Not Have These Handy

Seeing as putting my clothing hauls to a stop isn’t happening anytime soon, I encounter the same drawback every time.  In most sale cases, I take a gamble at things based on their web presence.  It’s so easy for me to just do a careful image and size check, video watch and price celebration to give me the validation I need to add to cart and check out.  But then sometimes I receive said thing and sadly it’s just not perfect for me.  So then comes the return process.

The return back is free most of the time but the packaging is all on you.  Especially when the packaging it came in is so unique and delicate, you definitely cannot recycle its original packaging.  So here’s the challenge: You need to and should return it in pristine condition—tags on, packing slip, reason for return, whatever the company’s policies require.  Ideally, I want my return to be neatly folded, protected and as if it was never opened in the first place.

Consider these instead of a new cardboard box or those padded envelopes available at the post office.  Because you may end up having to pay for packing tape made so conveniently and necessarily available to you but only by purchase.  It’s the last thing you need to seal the openings and make sure that return label isn’t going anywhere.  An add-on purchase you most likely purchase, every single time.

Consider investing in poly mailers that come in a case.  Ones with a tear strip.  Ones that are waterproof.  Ones that ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.  This once in a however long purchase will save you shipping woes and dollars.  Since I buy jackets and coats online, I went with the largest size 14 x 17″ S-7776 poly mailer.  It goes without saying, I would rather have more room than to have to resort back to my old ways.  My unprepared ways.


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