What It’s Really Like To Be A Blogger

My New Years Resolution goes a little something like this: More Honesty is a Better Policy.  I find it better to not keep things bottled up and that includes asking for help when necessary.  And honestly, growing as a blogger is tougher than ever.  When I say growing, it’s in every category of small business-owning.  That means creating your website and pages from scratch, establishing a concept, and differentiating yourself from other growing influencers/bloggers out there.  Girls you’re actually competing with to be relevant in this big crowded sea of creatives.  Girls you know and are fond of that may have a little more help than you may be getting.  Consider this post, A Day, Month, Year in the Life of a Blogger.

We Strive To Find Our Thing

Finding Your Thing: Finding Your Purpose

We Invest

In ourselves, we dedicate our time, attention, and money into our newfound small business and personal brand.  That means creating and designing a website with a business plan and signing up to Monetization platforms.

We Deal With Rejection

With some cool content, photos, videos.. what have you, we may apply for programs prematurely.  And you know rushed work is messy work so we may be rejected as a result.  Brands may or may not turn us away because they have too many from our demographic or niche.  But it’s nothing to take away from what we’re doing so far.  But we do doubt ourselves and our purpose again.  Reevaluate why we started in the first place.  We watch other bloggers we know and love be accepted into these programs and fester in confusion.  Until we pick ourselves up again and get better.

We Promote

Product excites us.  I mean who doesn’t love a friendly visit from UPS or USPS, DHL, FedEx.. holding a package with our name on it.  So it’s a genuine promotion because we are genuinely excited.  Did we pay for it?  Maybe, maybe not, but I won’t tell.  That’s tacky.

Point is, we have something shiny and new and then we’re able to get creative.  We’re able to practice on our photography, editing, and styling skills.  Talents you only learn and improve with practice.  Talents you have to work towards and on.

We Plan Ahead

Rarely will any quality Instagram post be at that exact time.  I mean it’s just not humanly possible.  Because we are thinking, planning, and creating to put out content that’s both aesthetically pleasing and usually, ideally unique.  We are hopefully only choosing brands that relate to us on a personal level.  So naturally the content we create is personal too.  Down to the thoughtful or short captions.  Down to the final edit.  Yes edit.

We Post, and Publish, and Share Everywhere

With content we are proud of, we put it out there for all to see.  We share our interests, style, struggles and personality with you.  Don’t you feel the slightest vulnerable when you’re sharing your life with someone?  We are opening ourselves up to you: whether it’s through video, writing, or photography.  We may or not be models but we still want to take good great photos.  That involves dealing with creative blocks and let downs of bad shooting days.  Cause sometimes, everything isn’t as it seems.  The weather simply won’t be on our side but we improvise.  Finally, we’re able to post something publicly to the chance of judgment or even ridicule.  That’s something to let sink in.  Maybe this post in itself won’t be well received but I’m writing it anyway.

We Market Ourselves

Along with time, we are investing our money into getting our names and voice out there.  SEO only goes so far and a little push from Facebook or Instagram can go a long way.  All businesses do it so there’s no shame.  Because when we’re growing, we’re our own: CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Graphic Designer, Stylist, Photographer, and so on.  Think of the overtime that is putting in.

We Check and Pay Attention To Our Stats

Inevitably certain posts do better than others.  I’m not complaining.  But we pay attention to who is actually liking our content.  Who is commenting.  Who is showing us unconditional support.  Who likes pictures that aren’t of us only.  It feels really great to have support from our friends/family and we smile when we see your name pop up.  We also notice who stops liking our posts.  And we definitely notice when you bring up our content in person and you haven’t IRL, physically double-tapped the love button once.

Sometimes We Ask For Help & Support

So with it being so hard and me being brutally honest, here’s how to actually help.  Subscribe to our blogs if you like what we have to say.  Like our posts if you genuinely think they’re pretty, cool, or emoji-worthy.  Look into the products we stand by.  We aren’t shopping at random and choosing things to just have more.  And it isn’t a cry for attention either.  At some point or another our hobby becomes our passion which we work towards to be our everyday.  Just like you have found or are striving for too.

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