Ahh The Power Of Knee Highs

Boots.  Knee high boots will save your life one last minute at a time.  Not to be mistaken with a riding boot.  The knee high staple goes above the knee but also depends on your height.  The knee high boot I’m describing is that one pair you can build your outfit from.

This knee high boot has a strong heel, stretches to perfection, and is either a round or pointed-toe. This boot will frame and hug your thighs . This knee high has a personality of its own. Pair this boot with you, and you’re literally a power couple.

Seven Reasons You Need Knee Highs in the Winter:

1. Perfect for those “Is it raining still” days.

2. They transform your skinnies from okay to okurrr.

3. You can wear mini skirts with them.  And midis and maxis.

4. They look killer with dresses.

5. Even better with wide-legged pants.

6. They give you extra height and oomph.

7. Perfect for date night, girl’s night, movie night…

See where I’m going with this? They are the most reliable shoe next to ankle boots and trainers. Color? That’s up to you. I personally love having a licorice leather pair to start. Later on you can add cognac, mulberry, wine, and sherry suedes to the mix.

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