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You know, the Double G Buckle, Size 75, Womens GUCCI Belt in: White, Black, Faded Brown, & Dusty Pink that literally every blogger owns, loans, or wishes for.  When it comes to availability we’re not usually picky on which one because the demand is higher than the Fila Disruptors ever were.  Back into the importance of checking your promo emails, this is yet another example.

The RealReal was honoring a pre Cyber Week sale and well, a restock in GUCCI.  The friendly email I have long been waiting for had popped into my vision: “Finally It’s Here!”  While the exact Double G Buckle was SOLD across the board, I browsed according to my size and to my excitement, I found something more unique.  Something I hadn’t seen anywhere on anyone had snaked her way into my obsessions.

Wearing: GUCCI Snakeskin Buckle Belt, Size 75, $345.00, 20% Off Use Code: REAL

Black watersnake Gucci belt featuring embellished buckle G closure. Excellent. No visible signs of wear.

Just the right about of glam for me.  The snake is understated in a black textured leather, the buckle is a beautiful design with intricate crafted embellishments, and who doesn’t like purple?  She secures nice and tight holding the lowest of rises in place.  I plan on also donning her with a silk dress, under the bust of a blazer, or over a mini skirt.  Talk about versatile with the help of Affirm once again.

This was in no way to brag, I simply wanted to show you it is indeed possible to snag yourself a GUCCI belt.  Just remember to favorite your obsessions, subscribe to the list, and trust that the magic will happen for you sooner than you think.

Photography by Rose Ozkan,

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