Cut The Nonsense Already

You’ve cushioned in five minutes more but it’s turning into ten.  Ten past the time you had planned to leave your house for work, an interview (my favorite subject), or Thanksgiving at your Aunt’s.  You’re on the final stage of getting dressed and ready but you’re scrambling trying to find a matching sock of your sheer sock pairs.  Or worse, you’ve already left, only to look down and find navy next to black.  Big polkas next to small.  Argyle next to fishnet.  Full of Monet, in a clueless language.

But I have the solution to your problem.  A stylist and merchandiser secret that will save you money and drama.  Nylon socks you keep in your sock drawer, city tote, or weekender—protected inside a package.  An army ready to go with their coordinating pieces.  Ones that hand wash and actually don’t pill along the way.  While it’s tempting to go sock-less (ahem, Converse sneakers) your ankles, soles, and toes will not agree.  Especially in the cooler seasons, the friction is not a good sensation and no one wants the b word.

So past my jibber jabber, I recommend either L’eggs or No Nonsense Nylon Knee Highs in Nude and Black.  The ones you buy in bulk of 6-10 pairs or multiple packages in a set.  The ones available on Amazon that you can save to your favorites.  Two classic hues you wear and store for seasons and occasions to come.  Nylon stocking socks that pair with boots, heels, mules and trainers seamlessly.  The ones used on mannequins in your favorite retailers.  And if you live in a warm state, you can wear them with your dress sandals and mules just a little longer

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These sheer knee highs can also be used as ankle or crew socks.  Just snip once.  I do it all the time.  The beautiful thing about nylon is how elastic it is and a clean cut at that—avoiding fraying and bumping when you layer.

The packaging may not be all that pretty, but the end result projects luxury and confidence.  The final step of getting ready that makes all the difference in your morning, afternoon, and night.  Leaving you an extra minute to kick your feet up (if you want).



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