Thanks, I Got Them At A Dollar Store

I know that you know that I love my sunglasses.  Morning into evening, no outfit is complete without an optional shield or shade.  I use the excuse that I have sensitive eyes, which I really do with my cadet blues.  And it’s not like I wear them indoors, much.  So pretty much, you’ll never see me without them.  Shades that is.

But sunglasses happen to have a shorter than longer life span with wear: they stretch, scratch, and wander away when you’re not looking.  Reasons like these are why I don’t invest in designer pairs.  Well, I’ve learned not to at least.  I’ve gotten used to finding stylish, durable, affordable shades on sites like Nastygal and ASOS and now I won’t pay any more than $8 $12 for a pair.

But in addition to online sales, I’ve found a new source for my fix.  Cutting the price even more.  My new pair of shades, I found at a Five Dollar Store.  Named Five Below, they carry a wall of graphic tees, crafts, decorations, games, and things appropriate for all ages.  You know, the expected things found in dollar stores.  And at the front stands the carousel of sunglasses.  Made in China, that’s where (most of) your fast retailers get them from anyway.  Check these out.

2018-10-26 16.41.302018-10-26 16.45.41

I find that the most flattering and durable are ones with a thick frame and made of plastic as opposed to metal.  Is your face heart-shaped like mine?  Square frames are fit for your shape.  But don’t be shy, try on every pair that looks good to you.  It’s the hunt of the find.  I imagine most like-stores will have similar styles but if not, try a gas station.  Or these finds below.  I got lucky and you can too.

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