Why I Choose To Live Lively

Choosing lingerie is like choosing the right girlfriend or gal pal.  You’re looking for support, flexibility, durability, reliability and most of all love.  Love from the inside and out.

Lingerie can be expensive and a frequent buy.  And the best ones are always too pricey right?  What’s the most you would pay for a high quality bralette?  $80? $55? $35?  I used these numbers because they’re a clear example of best-seller brands of intimates.  Now, think about a two for one deal for $55.  Got your interest a little?  And an added star for flexibility on your wallet.

But also when looking for a bralette, you opt for the no-bra feel right?  But it can’t be flimsy.  You want your girls to stay put without strings or wires.  You certainly don’t want to let one slip, if your shirt is riskily un-buttoned too far.  And you want it to be stylish too.  You’re proud to be seen wearing it.  You’re excited about it.  It’s a special relationship with you and your lacy, mesh or cotton friend.  It’s an intimate one.  A secret one even.  And you feel a certain way in this ‘ship.

You feel strong yet at ease.  You feel comfort because she’s your #1, your go-to, your best of the best. You know you can bring her anywhere.  And that you can rely on her to do her job. You can give yourself a break trying to match her up with a look-a-like of the same style because she mixes and matches with everything.  You feel loved by her and you of course love her right back.  And so you welcome like-friends of hers to join the fun.  Panties, thongs, robes, swim.  You’re living more LIVELY and loving more lively.  It’s a new day, girlfriend.

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Top to Bottom:
1.  Long-Lined Lace Bralette  2. Retro Ribbed Bralette

Cause I shared this secret with you, I feel you deserve $10 off too.  Use my Ambassador Code AMB-THEANTINEWYORKER when you find your gal pal(s).

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