My Pocket Change Bought Me This Coat

This may come as a surprise but I’m not made of money.  But even if I was, I would still collect and recycle my change.  Picture me emptying change from the bottom of my bags, in the cup holder of my car, and dipping into my pockets just in case.  All this lose change goes into my piggy bank coffee can until it is healthily full.  Then I bring it to the nearest Coin Star for fast, easy conversion.

Coin Star accepts your change and collects a percentage as a fee for use.  It is usually in the corner or exit of every main grocery store (not a Mrs. Green’s or Whole Foods).  It takes maybe five minutes of your time tops, to sift through your change—weeding out the dated coin dollars, euros, or yens, you may have accumulated over the years.  Once it’s complete you have the option to select what you would like to do with your profits.  Donating is also an option.  But if you decide to cash it, the options are endless.

You can use the cash to pay for your groceries right there and then, fill up your tank on the way home, or place it in your wallet and take a trip to your closest outlet.  And the lose change from the Coin Star (because it’s never an even $ profit) goes right back into your bank can.

So what did I use my money on?  This Caramel Tobacco Suede Look Coat from Zara.  A new elevated basic for my wardrobe.  This suede piece can go with any bottom because it’s neutral and longline.  Think monochrome with a fabric belt at the waist.  It also comes in: Khaki, Off White, and Russet—but as fate had it, only the Tobacco was available.  Which I happen to love even more.  It has a lapel collar and my favorite—hidden in-seam pockets.

backshotinstagramThe Look:

Suede Look Coat | Snakeskin Pant, | Sweater, Theory (Past Season), | Nancy Gonzalez Bag, | Sunglasses, Chaps Belt, | Editor Boots, Steve Madden,

These snakeskin pants finally got to see the light of day.  Since the weather was on my side, I opted for my white Theory sweater I found in 2016.  Yes still in pristine condition.  If you look closely you can see the eyelet-like stitching.  To play around with more texture and add definition to my waistline, I layered a fabric waist belt atop my pants like so.  I chose the boots for height and colored specs to further the retro feel.  And the bag, she goes with anything, anytime.


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