Cinematic Costumes You Might Probably Actually Already Own

On a budget this year?  Not a fan of indulging when it’s just a one time wear?  Zero time to spend hours in a Halloween Store or several scouring for what’s left?  Mind you trying on in the portable fitting room is beyond uncomfortable.

While I love buying brand new, all new things for occasions I was inspired to be more budget friendly this year.  To not fall victim to my favorite Etsy shops known for their halloween leggings.  I’m choosing to wear some of what I already actually own.  And if I have to buy, it must be for a purpose.  Like a kick flare pant, python boot, or something to keep my legs warm.

Past my jibber jabber, I’ve curated these Cinematic Costumes (by widgets) that don’t call for a guessing game.  Whether it’s a crisp button-down, bodysuit, or black sheath you’ll only need one or two more things to complete your DIY costume this year.

“Mia Wallace” Pulp Fiction

Though her most famous outfit is the white button-down, kick flares, metallic mules with a cigarette in her hand at all times, you could also consider using your olive green tee for when she’s resurrected.  Go all in with messing up your wig, smudge some paint on your nose and lose the shoes.  Just a thought.

“Holly Golightly” Breakfast At Tiffany’s

See the pattern here?  I am focusing solely on female costume design.  Though these may seem blatantly obvious and basic, they way to differentiate yourself is by execution.  It’s all in the details.  The perfect fringe earring, cigarette holder, or sleeping eye mask can pay tribute to the movie icon.  Because Audrey Hepburn was anything but basic.

Jennifer Beals as “Alex” in Flashdance

Yep, you see this every year also.  I would say the crucial part of this costume to separate you from just coming from the gym is the wig.  And do find a pair of orange-y red pumps.  They’re super stylish and also amp the costume up.

“Ally” A Star Is Born

Unless you live under a rock, A Star Is Born is a remake, thwice made from 1954 and 1976.  (Lady Gaga) Ally’s wardrobe is current this time and on-trend.  In the beginning her style is humbly vintage casual often with Jackson (Bradley Cooper) Maine’s cowboy hat, a link chain belt and a knotted graphic tee.  As she comes into her pop star persona as “Ally” her locks go from honey brunette to red-orange with some highlights.  Her wardrobe also gets a makeover prints, glitter, and warm hues.  So this costume is really if you feel like “not wearing a costume.”  It could also work as a couple costume if your guy is up to being the incomparable Bradley Cooper.

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