Cryptic right?  That’s exactly what I thought when their icon popped into my sight.  NYME or Not Your Mother’s Earrings pride themselves on crafting earring styles that you have not seen anywhere else on really anyone else.

Their feed alone is intriguing so it didn’t take but a second longer for me to tap their bio and check out their goodies.  Open up to NYMEShop.com and while I won’t give too much away, you will see there’s a full drop down Besides Earrings menu because they make EVERYTHING jewelry.  And I never capitalize unless I am truly that excited.

Why do we wear accessories?  To complete a style?  A pop of color?  A vibe?  Consider a new wave and choosing jewelry to reflect your personality or perhaps a past experience.  Maybe the title will draw you in right away.  You spot a shape that’s familiar to you.  A tower that represents a place on your bucket list.  A topic of conversation that makes you excited to smile at curious strangers or engage with friendly faces as you casually love tap your collarbone or curl a lock behind your ear.

The reason why I instantly connected with NYME was because of their mission to think of anything relatable to you as a person, not as a consumer.   Unique is their middle name.  Take my word for it or just have a look at these “Best is Yet to Come Pearl Earrings” that I fell for instantly.

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Pictured: Best is Yet to Come Pearl Earrings

Featured: Takin’ Shape Earrings

Wearing statement earrings used to be struck from my list for insecurity reasons but I’ll tell you NYME really shone a light on embracing the beauty in my flaws.  To choose bold jewelry that demands to be worn with my hair up or to the side.  To completely expose my imperfections for all to see and can you even notice?  Jewelry this beautiful makes you feel like the goddess you are.  It validates self love and makes you forget otherwise.

Shop NYME Here

At checkout use my code ANTINEW20 to get a 20 percent discount because you deserve it.


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