Finding Your Thing

This will be short and sweet, I promise.  I am using ‘thing’ as an interjectory for passion, or purpose.  I am writing this to creatives starting out with tons of potential.  You wouldn’t have started this project or side gig if your intention was to keep it private on the web.  You want to be seen.  You want your work to be seen.  You may not be ready to be completely open about your life and story and that’s okay. But you know, you are fully capable of putting your words, or art out there to help others.

I ping-ponged around with the idea of blogging way before I took the plunge.  I didn’t have a journal growing up but I was always vocal on social media—Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.. you name it.  My point being that I needed a creative outlet and wanted to connect a-socially. But when it came time to investing in a real blog with WordPress, I was all over the place.  I wrote about fashion yes but also film, and fitness and wellness.  I lacked consistency in my topics and what differentiated me from other fashion bloggers.  Towards the end, I focused on my real passion and skill, which is shopping.  Scoff if you will but shopping is indeed a sport of sorts, something you improve on and build towards. But I’m not talking about taking someone’s credit card and running up a bill of luxury.  No, I’m talking about smart shopping.  The secret kind of shopping that never sleeps. Where to score the sold out items. How to properly navigate a sale online and in-store. Where the gems are hiding. On-trend clothing and accessories that are at a promo. Sale or discounted items to buy that you can wear all year ’round.

See a theme building?  Like every author, editor, and artist, there always needs to be a theme.  And that is exactly what I was missing.  My theme or purpose, is to share my shopping insiders with you and the emotions behind finding your favorite items. Because they’re not just items, they’re all connected to an experience, and hopefully a colorful one.

DSC_1010Photo Sep 27, 4 22 42 PM

This look can be shopped on My ShopStyle

So how do you find your thing?

You take time to reflect. ‘Cause it sometimes doesn’t come right away.  It can take days, months, or year(s).

You talk with your friends, family and peers about your passion.  The more you talk about something the more real it is.  The more you will understand it and are able to simplify it. Outline it.

You ask for help or opinions.  Even criticism can be just what you need because you are biased to your work.  Why else would you put it out into the universe?

You are patient and plug away at it because it’s not work for you, it’s a release of creative energy.

You don’t obsess. And when it comes to you, you’re excited yet level-headed.  You then have a one up on the old you.

I hope my take on ‘things’ inspired you to keep going.



  1. raceenm

    amazing post! I too thought about blogging for awhile but I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t know how to start but I’m glad that I eventually started because writing is my thing and I’ve always loved fashion as well. Love this post so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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