Survey Says This Color Gives You The Right Level Of Confidence

You may have already read similar articles and the arrow is pointing to the golden answer.  This specific post relates to societal norms and first impressions from just one crucial choice– the color of your blouse and top half.

When prepping for an interview or date, what color do you feel safe in?  Scratch that, what color do you feel invincible in?  Which color dominates your Pinterest feed?  Shopping carts?  If your answer is Red, you’re wrong.  Red will undoubtedly heighten your mood.  Red will make you feel powerful and and bold.  But red can also push you too much over the edge.  Sure red can be romantic and intriguing.  But it can and most likely will be off-putting to others as a first impression.  And for a first impression you shouldn’t take that chance.

Think if you were the interviewer, on the receiving end.  A blonde, brunette, or redhead bounces into your office when summoned from the waiting room.  She or he is dressed in a red blouse or blazer and immediately you’re stunned.  Taken aback even.  You yourself, have chosen to wear a casual tee because it’s Friday and you penciled this interview in right before leaving for the day.  You suddenly, possibly might feel uneasy because the red is blindingly loud.  But you proceed with the interview anyway and your interviewee is actually quite timid, shy even.  You then have this weird lingering cloud over your impression of them for the job and are biased.  When it comes time to decide candidacy, you take a red pen and scratch them from the list.

I would advise to not wear red on a first date.  It’s a little too much of a statement and could end in torrential disaster.  Okay I exaggerate sometimes but first dates are also like interviews.  You’re meeting a stranger with only an inkling of what they may be about.  If you’re serious about this date, you want to be able to listen and you also want to be heard.  You want to leave a little mystery.  Isn’t that also why we love black and white editorial so much?  You anticipate to see what he/she will wear next?

If you chose Green, you’re also wrong.  Yes, it has been said and supported that green is the color of intelligence.  It’s a cool color but you’re far from chill in it.  It can be versatile but it can also be too “earthy” to some people.  And lets face it, some shades of green can in fact be gimmicky or seasonal depending on when and where you wear them.  For instance, Shamrock Green is exactly how it sounds.  It is used proudly in fonts, banners and in March.  Emerald green is luxurious and definitely makes a positive and sophisticated impression but it also is an unforgettable one. “The girl in the green dress, she took my breath away.”  Not so versatile is it?  So I take it back.

If you guessed Black, I apologize because the title should read “This Shade Gives You The Perfect Level of Confidence.”  Black is a shade but is used so commonly that it’s a solid debate in question of being a color.  And it is proven as the key to leveling out your confidence to the right PH.  Black is indeed the most slimming and flattering.  Choosing Black for occasions may seem basic sometimes but it is the safest and surest option.  Think about dressing for that interview one more time.  Or asking for a promotion.  You appear your tallest, thinnest, most powerful.  When you move, it’s artistic, cinematic, effortless.  When you’re sitting, you’re still and focused and professional.  You’re also relaxed.  And when we’re relaxed, we’re better able to absorb and process information leading to increased or steady productivity.  When it’s your turn to speak, you’re prepared.  You know exactly what you want to say and cancel out run-ons.  You’re short and sweet with supported claims to your arguments or propositions.  You speak your piece eloquently and wait for the result, patiently and poised.  You’re not thinking that you should’ve worn this top instead or about that coffee that splattered onto your white button down accidentally a minute ago.  You’re listening to your fate which is speaking to you how you wanted it to.  You’re hearing Yes.  Yes, we would love to have you on our team.  Yes, you deserve a raise.  And you also might be hearing a proposal of, “Will you, marry me?”  Just maybe.

Is that validation enough?

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