Shine On Through

What a perfect day to stay inside and work all day.  But wait, that’s not really true.  Lunch doesn’t always deliver itself.  Fashion Week and Market Weeks especially don’t get a rain delay.  Neither does life.  You’ve got to get to-and-fro; Point A to Point B and home.  You’ve got to be ready for whatever storms may come your way.  So I’m here, writing to you to shed a shiny lining.  Rainy days don’t have to be grim or in the gutters.  They can be inspiring and in fact colorful.  Remember the iconic scene from Breakfast At Tiffany’s?  Maybe it could be a day of adventure and romance for you.  You never know but you’re sure ready for it.

With the right gear, you’re ready to take on the puddles, walk under or alongside awnings with a hood, and successfully shield yourself from the drops in the sky.  If you’re lucky, you hail a cab and avoid the crowded sidewalks.  But even in a not-so-perfect world, your umbrella can be.  So can your shoes.  If you’ve opened up to your social feeds, you’ve already seen this trend showing loud and clear.  I’m talking about transparency.  PVC accessories and now trench coats.

If you’re a trend hunter, this look is right up your alley or avenue.  It’s a way to show off your outfit underneath, stopping traffic and taxis.  Might I suggest wearing bright colors and patterns too.  Go not so Clueless in yellow plaid.  Gaga Green.  Electric Blue.  Purple too.  Lipstick Red to seal with a kiss.  The more colors you wear, the less you’ll gravitate towards black.  Aside from your go-to slacks ’cause we all have one.

Not ready to dive in completely?  Start with a transparent umbrella or shoes.  And follow my socials to see how I embrace the trend, as my things are making their way through the trenches today.

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