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It’s no secret I love to shop.  It’s an even smaller secret that I love to shop online.  I’ve started to slowly place the blame on Instagram and Facebook with their sponsored ads and recommendations based on my preferences but that’s classic deflection.  Never Fully Dressed separates had been frequently popping up on my feeds and I simply couldn’t resist the temptation.  And I came to find, NFD is a Stylist’s treasure.  The Jaspre being their coveted OG, and bestseller; I jumped to add the favorite to my wardrobe.  One that checked all the boxes.  Causing a disturbance on my doorstep or imprint in my mailbox.

The Original ‘OG’ Jaspre Leopard and Best Seller

Hands down the most flattering skirt you will ever own.  Know why?  You tie it to fit your body just how you want.  Works for a baby bump too.

Since I like to do things differently, I came up with two daring ways to style the Jaspre.

Look 1:

Photo Sep 05, 2 52 17 PMPhoto Sep 05, 2 50 32 PM.jpg

Unemployed Denim US Tour × 1 vintage one-of-a-kind Rolling Stones t-shirt, $58, 

Instead of the expected white or black tee, why not go vintage?  A band or heritage teeshirt in a faded black or gris.  Think about when you’re browsing web sites.  Spots, prints and vintage are paired side by side, so is it really that wrong?  Make sure to give it a snug tuck.  Since the teeshirt is casual, I upped the dress factor by choosing satiny heeled mules.  The pointy toe also elongates my legs creating an illusion.  Since it’s 90 outside, no jacket required.

Look 2:

Photo Sep 05, 2 42 11 PMPhoto Sep 05, 2 41 05 PM (2)

Don’t be afraid to clash by mixing animal prints together. This Cheetah Club Monaco blouse did the trick quite well surprisingly.  I recommend grouping Cheetahs with Leopards and Zebras with Tigers.  Keep the stripes in line and the spots in dot.  Same mules apply to this outfit.

Not sure how to tie the Jaspre?  I followed their story highlight on Instagram.  Once your Jaspre is in place, you can play around, switch it to the side that works best for you.  Choose to expose a leg or don’t.  But do.  That’s the whole appeal.

Again the whole point is to have fun and experiment.  Learn what works for your body, which colors compliment your skin best, and what fabrics hug your curves with love.  That’s what gives a look a little more pizazz.  Your confidence in it because you put it together.

Mule Mania:

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