It’s September 1st

That’s right.  Let this be your preview of the September Issue.  The affordable edition.  This post is what to expect to see this fall—story to story.  The trends that will slither into your social feeds, printed on magazine stands, and spotted in stores worldwide.  It’s the time to transition from summery things to fall essentials.  The time to add more oomph into your wardrobe.

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 Strap Up

Utilitarian styles popped up in the spring and are still going strong. Menswear alongside Women’s. Think camouflage, highly structured jacketing, buttons galore. The color most popular is an olive-y green but now shades of grey, orange, browns, and blues are being introduced. Think spliced even. The best of both worlds.

And while we’re on the subject of unisex, biking or cycling shorts work both ways. In Noir, Midnight, Camo, and Red. Stores and e-tailers are going crazy restocking these like spit fire. These athletic shorts are being paired with blazers and oversized jackets to wear out, not to your next exercise class.

80’s Freaky

You could even search for a statement blazer, color-blocked in BIV. That’s Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The 80’s are back, bold, and quite honestly bumping. Think assertive shoulders, ruched waistlines, and shiny vinyl in all electric hues. Animal prints we haven’t seen in a while too.

Tied Up

Scarf Print you say?  It’s a sure update from a silky chemise.  And you feel instant sophistication from the moment you slip into one.

Western Classic

Remember when I said broderies were going out? I may have jumped the gun. Westernwear is another romantic trend that swept the runway. Prairie separates they are categorized as, are adaptations of classic film and in fact the new and current Westworld phenomenon. Picture fringed leather, toggle necklaces, and pillowy dresses in my new favorite shade Ecru.

Sparkle & Shine

Day or night, sequins are back. Truth is, they never really left. But the way they were spotlit this season appeals like never before. The answer to your going out top or dress question is crystal.

Swimming In It

Think that Ski jacket’s way too big for you? It isn’t. In fact it’s quite perfect. Opt for roomy, puffy, and supersized bombers and parkas. And do accent with long layers. Let them cascade to the floor. Wear your down jacket wide open, and ponte leggings on the bottom. The illusion effect is what you’re going for. Demanding all eyes to find you, here and now.

Furry Thing, You

Those statement shags always find their way back home to the runways. Who doesn’t love to wrap themselves in such soft, warm fibres though. The faux furs feel amazing too for your budget and morals.

Head On

Protect your hair and project a little mystery by wearing a head wrap with a wrap dress. Chartering back to the 40s and 50s, this trend is catered to the modest dresser.

Look Out

Logos are taking over on not only your accessories. Head to toe if you dare, you can be a poster child for Fendi, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna or Prada.

Blinded By The Light

Neons here, neons there, neons everywhere. Hot pinks and lime greens are anywhere but hidden. Not your clubbing attire but dare to choose a bright sweater or coordinating set to your next outing.


Last but not least, designers have listened loud and clear to feedback about practicality and lack there of. This year, their friends and family were the inspiration to design clothes people would actually want to wear. Runway looks that you can shop right off of and not have to adapt a thing. Timeless styles in the last three slides, any woman/ man can wear, anytime, anywhere.

Shop The TrendsA blogger always has her sources:

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