Gone Shore-ing

Not the Hamptons.  Not Montauk.  Consider crossing onto the turnpike—to Central Jersey—to Asbury in particular this weekend or another.  Asbury Park isn’t only known for the beach, or the hotels facing it although it’s shorely obvious both play a major part in a summer thing.  Sea what I did there?  Asbury Park hosts under and top dog musical performers, tasty and hearty bites, and a solid shopping strip of vintage and art boutiques.  But let’s talk fashion and shopping.


If you’re looking for trendy and Instagramable finds, go to Rebel Supply Co.  They make sure to share their arrivals socially so you can beeline for it.  Naturally their accessories are what caught my eye first.  A table of takeout, bags in specific.  I grabbed the burger one but there was also room for a beer can, tequila bottle, Chinese takeout container, or an ice cream cone.  Not a fry in sight sadly but I tried on the goodburger with mirror test.  And a candid pose or two.

This was at the front of the store.  Consignment starts somewhere in the middle.  Shoes cover the wall alongside unique items for the home.  Their staff is also super friendly and happy to share this experience with you.

Exit to Cookman Avenue passing several restaurants and bars along the way.   Even a movie theater.  Meshed in-between are antique and vintage shops, art in every corner.  Plug Backward Glances into your Google Maps because you won’t want to miss this.

Vintage and Antique Shops Asbury Park NJ

Upon entering the building there’s a directory and the shop is located on the second floor.  Down the staircase, you’ll see a window to the left.  You’re now here.  It’s a small, quaint space but there’s plenty to go through; vintage button down shirts (short and long sleeve) Members Only Bomber Jackets, lots of leather and denim from the 80’s and 90’s, midi skirts, printed spandex, the list goes on… just from that one day.  You might also see a friendly piece of art in the fitting room.

What I found:

+ 2 $2 Vintage Rings

+ 1 $15 Vintage Judy Knapp ‘Dad Shirt’ (Featured Image)

+1 $15 Vintage Polo

+1 $15 Vintage MTV Tank

But be sure to scan the wall of band tees before checking out.  And their website ahead of time.  I spotted a Friends tee-shirt browsing online the other day.  It pays to stay connected, guys.  Comment below if I intrigued you to give either a try!

Rebel Supply Co.

Backward Glances

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