You Never Forget Your First Pair Of Levis

Well true, but fast forward to the now.  The luxury label that is still making major impressions amongst jean lovers worldwide is none other than the Los Angeles famous, RE/DONE.  City of angels indeed for their caring craft.  Made in the USA.  Carrying stories of wear with each piece.

Well aware of RE/DONES and their reigning value, I check in frequently for sale opportunity.  Sure enough I was lucky to catch the SUMMER SALE shortly before the holiday fourth.  Yes their blowout sale I call it.  From $265 retail, I paid exactly $56.10 for a pair of straight grunge style jeans that will last for years to come.  That blew my mind.

With 3 day shipping, my package came earlier than anticipated.  At first sight I had an inkling they would be a little roomy but I was optimistic.  I figured all I needed was a  belt really because that’s the grunge way.  But in 360 view, they weren’t perfect on me.  That maybe I should try and resell them since they weren’t perfect on me.  Just an idea.  An idea that lasted about a week.  But as it turned out, I changed my mind again and decided to put them on one more time.  With a button down in front and tall shoes, I took ’em off the market for good.

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Please note: This Grunge Straight jean is no longer available

Ok back to the label.  Not a jean company, a luxury label.  Each RE/DONE pair is a celebration of Levi’s past.  Each jean is repurposed fabric from another’s tale of time.  While they welcome trends to their table, their original styles are nothing to pass on.  The High Rise Stove Pipe, Needle and Ankle Crop, The Crawford, Levis Flares and Relaxed Fits are popular coast-to-coast, globally.

Every stitch, whisker, fray and rip, is so perfectly RE/DONE to fit into your everyday wear.  I urge you to bookmark the size guide and have this tab open when you’re browsing.  Each cut, waistline, and leg opening varies—style-to-style.  I would’ve sized down from the get-go.

HIGHRISE_STOVEPIPE_BLACK_75607_1024x1024 (1).jpg


Did I mention they make tees too?


RE/DONE Fit Guide

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