Telltale Signs You’re Past The Date

My first beauty post.  The warnings of staying away from expired makeup are just as true as they claim.  And to my horror, my overnight vitamin C mask was making my skin worse.

The first time I test trialed this product, it worked wonders.  I had found it in a local TJ Maxx and the brand was featured on RHOBH.  When Teddy spotlit the company I knew it was worth the 5.99 in change.  A steal in fact.  I used it every night and felt refreshed come morning.  My blemishes were not only under control, they were disappearing.  My skin was hydrated and elasticized, and I overall looked younger.  Needless to say, it was not expired and I got lucky.

To refill this what had now become a regimen, I searched on Amazon to find it for close to the Maxxinista price.  And then one add-on tinted moisturizer.  Don’t get me wrong.  Amazon is a wonderful place.  It’s a place to score deals in fashion, footwear, and tech.  But truth is, we don’t know the sellers or where the products come from directly.  A sellers name isn’t the company itself and quite frankly that concerns me now.  It didn’t concern me enough to buy the same product from this user but I wish it had.  When you’re putting chemicals on your face (natural and synthetic), you must take better care and do your research before adding it to your regimen.  And buy it from the manufacturer themselves.

I wouldn’t post this unless I had full validation.  And I certainly want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.  I contemplated my stress as a factor for these familiar unfriendly imperfections’ sudden reappearance and then my diet.  Maybe the heat waves got to my skin and my brain.  But no, once I googled the possibility that maybe it was the mask, multiple articles popped up exposing the ugly truth of buying for a steal.

Reactions to expired face (anything) products are:

Blemishes/Breakouts/ Acne
Dryness/ Redness/Irritation

I questioned if I had one or more of these reactions and I did.  My skin was far from hydrated.  So what did I do?  Stopped using the culprit.  I stepped away and in within a day, my skin looked better.  It was healing.  I also gave the mask a sniff and the chemicals wreaked so potently, I trashed it with confidence.

So how do we protect ourselves?  Stop this from happening again or at all.  We see a doctor.  We do our homework.  We read the fine print.  We check for expiration dates and know ahead of time, shelf lives of cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and masks.  We buy only from the brand directly.  And we use these emergency guides/references as bibles to go by.  Because you shouldn’t want to hide your face—in any kind of light.  High and low sun.  Shadowy and dim.

Photo Jul 07, 4 34 16 PM (1).jpg

Reacting Poorly to a New Skincare Product? Here’s Your Emergency Guide : InStyle
6 Health and Beauty Products You Should Buy Elsewhere : Health Magazine
Does Cleanser Go Bad? Here’s What You Need To Know : Bustle

This applies to oral care too.  Ask yourself if your toothpaste is giving you everything you need.  And if not, time to reassess.


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