Here’s Why Passion Is Vital

Passion in doing and being.  Though I am an advocate for receiving and reciprocating love, I believe in self love first.  Finding what ignites you.  Finding what excites you besides material things and outside others.  Finding what makes you happy to be alive for that day, or moment, or couple of hours.  Finding what you would continue to fight for.

I’ve spoken about my father’s passing a little but not in detail.  Because less is more and it is still very raw.  Thinking of his spirit today as I jogged along his favorite trail is what inspired me to write from my open heart.  On the anniversary of his death, I am not in bed or sobbing with despair although I miss him everyday.  I am fighting like he did his whole life.  Fighting to stay alive spiritually like he had.  Fighting to stay active.  Fighting to stay feeling good.  Outside his profession you would have never guessed the passion behind his shark-like stature—that is unless you knew him.  He was a creator and a lover.  A lover of art, athletics, and music.  He sketched with pastels, completed puzzle after puzzle, and insisted on planting like a boss with care.  He taught me discipline in sports and in life.  He taught me the importance of following through long before I had to ever work.  And I really have to thank him for my self-motivation that he ingrained in me.  I watched him work but I also watched him live for himself.  And that is what saves me from drifting away from myself.

A spirit is just as vital as your actual being and what you do for a living.  Rarely can we actually pursue our passion for a living.  But let’s redefine what ‘for a living’ means.  If we look at what we do day-to-day to get by are we really living?  Passion is what can negate the negative effortlessly.  What if we shifted our thinking and saw a job differently and our passion is really our ‘for a living’.  Because our passion feeds our soul, body, and mind.  Our jobs and paychecks fuel our bodies but not our entire being.  Unless your job is your source of both then bravo, you’ve scored the golden ticket.  Very rarely does it work out like that, realistically speaking.

Shift your thinking and insist on being kind to yourself and allow yourself time to practice your passion.  Better yet, prioritize your time.  There is always time for you.  What makes you happy to be in your company?  Do you like to write? Draw? Paint? Organize?  Maybe it’s working out in solitude that you look forward to.  Reaching your goal with the help of a pedometer.  Passion by definition is a strong emotion that comes in all forms, categories, and genres.

This post, confession, and/or rant is to serve as a source of motivation for literally anyone.  It is a reminder and adapted homework assignment to stay in touch with yourself.  It can help you forget about a deadline, missed opportunity, or conversation gone awry.  It can help you escape from being your title and back to your true self.  Your pure self.  My father is remembered for his spirit and not his title.  His passions and spirit defined him as a person and that is why passion is vital.

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The Lion’s Head/ Leo Mirror featured was my Dad’s.  Now it’s mine to keep, to have, a piece of him with me always.

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  1. Andrea Naso-Nord

    You really captured who your dad was. A passionate, loving man who gave his all for what he believed in. Follow your passion. He would want you to. Love, Mom

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