I Purged and Downloaded These Editing Apps For A Week

Raise your hand if you experiment with different filters and applications.  You really enjoy stylizing and know the difference between too much and just the right amount of tweaking.  I wrote about the benefits of VSCO a while back and forever I will be theirs as a loyal community member.  However, scrolling Instagram you see everything.  And you have to be in the know.  So you Google.

In my specific time stamp search, I came across too many alternative apps to use.  Ones with their own personalities.  In reading about these, I thought I’d give trial periods a go.  Navigate their apps and see for myself if they’re versatile enough.  Reviewed by Mashable and featured on Refinery29, these are the ones I recommend to transform your images and videos from a picture to a vibe.


This wasn’t one the articles mentioned but I’m happy I downloaded this one because it’s a keeper.  I love the feel of vintage film and this app gives you that.  Birthday cake moments, family time, or boomerangs, this is a classic enough to take up some storage space.  Note, there are color filters on here too, I just can’t get enough of the 1920 ANO ANTIQUE.


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This must’ve been the time stamp one I was in search of.  Or one of them.  Choose whether or not you want the watermark.  And do remember to adjust the date in settings.  You can edit videos and take recent ones as if you transported back decades to AFHV, Bob Saget era.


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I really like this one.  The bright and faded hues, the unique filters by their names and designs.  I won’t reveal too much because it’s a fun surprise.  But I will say the options are endless.  Perfect for party scenes and places with neon accents.  You won’t choose a black and white with this app, much.  Can you spot the original?

PIP Camera Pro.

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So this app is cool to have because it’s a picture in a picture.  That’s their whole thing.  I used an example of a brunch and drinks op.  You can see how I experimented with the foreground and background in these shots, which you select as such.  From the Modern menu you choose what’s pictured over the picture.  Choose from a glass, film strip, tear drop, polaroid, and other transparent objects as the forefront.  See how multi-dimensional this app makes a simple eh snap?


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Now I’m not one for gimmicky emojis in photos.  I feel patch appliqués and stickers belong on our clothing and Snapchat but that’s just me.  So I wanted to highlight other features this app offers.  Maybe they partnered with Square Fit on this one because the cropping is very similar.  Each background filter is unique which you can of course adjust to your preference.  My favorite was the Polka.  I also am a sucker for mosaic tiles.  Super retro.  Or mirror your action and candid photos.

Rookie Cam

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Hard no (at first) with this one.  It was unclear where the edits were and if I unlocked them or not.  Every time I tried to save an edit, it went back to the original.  Editing shouldn’t be a puzzle or an eye roll so I deleted right away.  But then I went back and tried again and added on another pack to get the real experience.  The Magazine experience.  You can easily layer textures on top of filters too.   Reasons for keeps.


All the 90s nostalgia with this one.  Down to the initial opening up the app, it’s like an old school video game.  Cue the Super Mario Bros., even the menu bar makes game noises when you start playing around.  I chose to edit a movie I made of the LANY concert I went to this last October.  To use the Pro version before installing, you must sign up for a 3 day trial period to save videos you make.

Photo Apr 10, 12 04 37 AM

Note: Some of these apps require subscriptions and fees.

  1. RAD VHS
  2. Rookie Cam
  3. VHS Cam

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