In A TJX World

You know that meme about Target where you come in for one thing and then end up carrying hands full of random everything(s)?  That is me, when it comes to TJ Maxx.  Only, that one thing suddenly isn’t all I need anymore.  And Target doesn’t hold a candle to TJX Stores.

Sometimes I choose a small cart, other times it’s a shopping tote.  Displays to aisles.  My eyes scan from rack to t-stand.  After much focus yet distraction, I forget what I came here for.  But the fact is, you can’t just go to TJ with a game plan, that’s not how it works.  It’s about the hunt of the find, and you have to allot solid hours to have a Maxxinista experience.  And you have to keep your eyes peeled.

Recognize shopper’s luck when it’s happening and admit when it isn’t.  Attitude and presence is key.

So how do you know when it is?  You’ve got in your cart at least three items for the fitting room.  I like my first stop to be the Contemporary section, then Athletics, then Shoes, Intimates, Accessories, and Beauty (all in that order).  Why so specific?  I know the store layout all too well.  Which gives you an advantage.  For instance, I start from the beginning of the shoes, even though I’m not a size 6.  And when I see a shoe I love in a half size down, I know that if I browse with a sharp and steady eye, there’s a good chance my size is nearby to be found in my designated aisle.  Or out of place in another.  It helps to be hopeful too.  And chances are, if you find a shoe you like, it might also come in another color.  An “It” color.

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Sophia Milano Made In Italy

Like these block heel Sophia Milano Made In Italy Suede Sandals.  A Camel pair first came into my vision, but as I walked towards size 7.5, I found them in Lilac.  At this point, you know you’re on the right track.  Shoes for me are both my strength and weakness.  And I know I’m having luck, when my cart has several pairs.  With this luck comes a surge of confidence because you found something great.  The motivation to keep going.  And you should.

Allow yourself to succumb to anything that catches your eye.  Play around and try on all styles and shapes of sunglasses and readers.  Sling crossbody bags across your chest and check in the mirror.  Take a selfie, send a snap.  It’s when you’re having fun that your luck grows even more obvious.  You’re open to everything, so you see everything.  Then you remember, there’s an aisle you missed.  Go to it.  You’ve got time.

I almost forgot Athletics, but I’m glad I didn’t.  It just so happened that I found my best of finds in a while on that side.  Keep in mind and know that certain categories will live next to each other.  Like Swim will most likely be merchandised near Athleisure.

Solid & Striped

So happy to spot two Solid & Striped One Pieces along with a Cage-Front Metallic Dolce Vita.  They were a rack away from the workout leggings.  Can you guess which one I chose?  But before running to the fitting room, my maternal instinct tapped in and I made a beeline for the pets section.  What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t at least try?  I found this adorable pizza slice chew toy.  It was destroyed within 30 seconds of Zoe’s possession, but that’s her way of showing she loved it.  Oh dachshunds.

I hope my rant gave you a guideline and incentive for your next TJ Maxx excursion.  Other brands I found and chose today: Free People, Lemon, Ray-Ban, ABS by Allen Schwartz, Under Armour.

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