Monday Update

By now you’ve left the office and are on your way back to your humble abode.  With a commute ahead, I’ve got something to do in place of gaming or swiping.  I’m talking about checking out the Zara’s up to date arrivals that hit the site and app every Monday.

It’s no secret that Zara is my go-to and there’s a multitude of reasons why.  Day to night, week to weekend, it’s my most valued topic and label.  My reason today is to share the curiosity and elation I feel and think everyone else experiences when browsing through their updated editorial and product.

Open to: NEW IN: spring florals and electric vibes, their selection is easily chasing away the winter blues. With a rich hue of a cobalt background, even a similar blue stands out boldly.  As an Item Available email strikes my inbox, I find myself switching to the next season and finding new loves in place of.  Plus I’m also holding out for these how you say, caliente culottes.  The theme of this week especially is color.  Introducing raffia straw hats without the beach.  Wear this+ with a solid knit, and a checkered pant and it works.  Which it does.  Two-toned, tri-colored, striped shirts and dresses cover the page and then you reach the neutrals.  Which give basic a different meaning.

Enter: CITY FRONT ROW: this dubbed collection caters to the working woman.  Green is noted as the color of intelligence and naturally it dominates this first.  In checked and mod patterns, you continue to scroll and you’re introduced to yellow, purple, and multi-coloured stories. Tossed in polka dots, top-stitching, and wedge mulesthis category is a one big party.

Check out my new, NEW FAVORITES:

And who could forget: SHOES: featuring a block of the different styles, I have only one in mind; a Court Shoe.  It’s not open toed weather completely yet (without socks at least) and I need a t/o from fabric ankle boots. Although a red sock style would fit nicely in my cart, I mean closet.  The fact is, we’ve been exposed to warmer days and that makes me think of different shoe possibilities.  Maybe a derby too.


Variety, versatility, and vivacious is what the Zara brand represents (among other adjectives).  And I’ve already got some things sitting in my cart just from writing this.



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